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Pressure Cooker Minestrone

Servings: 4

  1. Turn the pressure cooker to “sauté” mode. Once hot, add the oil, garlic, and vegetables. Sauté for two to three minutes.
  2. Add the Italian seasoning, tomatoes, macaroni, broth, and beans. Mix well.
  3. Close the lid and set to “sealing”. Press manual/pressure cooker and cook for three minutes on high pressure.
  4. Once the cooking time is complete, release the pressure manually. Carefully open the lid. Stir in the kale and let it stand for five minutes or until wilted.
  5. Divide into bowls and enjoy!
  • 2 tbsps Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 4 Garlic (clove, minced)
  • 2 cups Frozen Vegetable Mix
  • 1 tbsp Italian Seasoning
  • 3 cups Diced Tomatoes (from the can, with juices)
  • 1/2 cup Lentil Macaroni (dry, uncooked)
  • 4 cups Vegetable Broth
  • 2 cups Cannellini Beans (cooked)
  • 2 cups Kale Leaves (chopped)



Best enjoyed immediately. Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to three days.

Serving Size

One serving is equal to approximately two cups.

More Flavor

Use fresh seasonal vegetables. Use your favorite beans or legumes.

Additional Toppings

Basil, parmesan cheese, or pesto.