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Nutrition TikToks

Dietitian Reacts - Nutrition TikToks with Dietitian Michelle B Smith

So, hi guys. My name is Michelle. I’m a Registered Dietitian. Welcome to my office. And today, I am going to be on TikTok reviewing some videos. Because apparently, my social media manager told me this is what I should be doing.

So, I’m really excited. She’s curated some videos for me. And I’m supposed to just give my thoughts and react.

Vegan Soup for Flawless Skin

Okay, so we’re going to jump into this first one. Let’s jump in.

TikTok: This is a vegan soup that will make your skin look ridiculously good looking.

I kind of believe this. Because her skin literally looks dewy and flawless. So, I do want to see what goes into the soup. I’m assuming something that’s going to be really rich in Vitamin A. Because that’s normally associated with skin health. So, let’s see what she’s going to make.

Sweet potato and a squash. Okay. So, super Vitamin A rich. Okay, so she’s starting with super simple ingredients.

TikTok: You add your garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric…

Okay, and a bunch of antioxidant rich things as well. Exactly, okay. I agree with this so far.

TikTok: Red Lentils…

What I don’t necessarily agree with, but it went by so fast, is that she’s using some bouillon cubes. So, you want to be careful with those things, because they can have a lot of salt in them and be super dehydrating. Which isn’t exactly good for your skin. Especially if you’re prone to dark circles like me. You’ll end up looking like you have black eyes in the morning if you eat too much salt. For some individuals. But let’s see what else she throws in here.

TikTok: …protein and hella iron.

Oh, she put lentils in this. Okay, I like that.

TikTok: …beta carotene converts into retinol. Retinol helps…

Good for her! I like this. Very good.

TikTok: More seasoning.

I like the seasonings. Okay. And she’s using some light coconut milk for those healthy fats. With a slice of bread.

I really like this.

I could see why she said this was good for your skin. I love the fact that she added her protein, in the form of lentils. I love the Vitamin A. My one thing that I would add, is just some leafy green vegetables. Because they are one of the healthiest things on the planet. Even if you’re going to do, something basic, like spinach, kale. Or, adding in, some, even broccoli for your cruciferous vegetables. But other than that, this is something that I would make. And after seeing her skin, I’m pretty impressed.

Best Healthy Sweet Treat

Okay guys, and for this next one. Because of copyright, it’s going to be muted. But we’re jumping in. It looks like she’s going to be making something sweet. So, I’m excited. I really don’t have that much of a sweet tooth, so let’s see if this looks good. I’m excited.

Okay. She is pulling out some frozen blueberries. So, I’m impressed. I didn’t see if they were organic or not. But I’d like to see organic blueberries.

Some honey. Okay. Cacao nibs. Very nice. And some granol… Yeah, some granola. Okay. Is that the snack?

Oh, okay. Haha. So, that just seemed… That seemed super simple. But yeah, I mean. Some of that could work instead of the honey. I mean, the blueberries are already going to be really sweet. So, I don’t think we really need the honey added to that. But I really love the addition of the cacao nibs. You’re going to get some iron, some fiber, some zinc. They are super nutrient rich. And with the granola, you’ll get some healthy carbs. Especially since blueberries are such low carb content.

So, all in all, this is a really nice option. I would just leave out the honey, because blueberries are sweet enough. You don’t need them. But otherwise, good job.

What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan

Okay, next up. Oo… Okay. I’m excited about this one.

So, I don’t really have that much of a sweet tooth, but I love, like, salty. And like, ranch dressings. And dipping vegetables into, like, hummus and ranch.

So, this one, I’m really excited about. This is What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan. So, let’s see.

Iced Coffee With Almond Milk

She is starting off with an iced coffee with, um, some almond milk in the morning. And that could be o… That’s an okay option. But for me, I really would rather do some sort of soy milk. Because at least then, you’re getting some protein added to that. Where the almond milk, there really isn’t any. So, want to make sure we’re getting protein where we can. And that would be one of the changes I make there. To start her day.


Next up, she’s having a Lärabar. Okay. So, those are a really nice snack. They’re super clean. A lot of them only have like four or five ingredients. Dates, that sort of thing. But sometimes, again, they can be a little bit lower on protein. So, what I would really like to see, is if you are going to do something, like Lärabar for example, to have a nice protein rich side with it. So maybe pairing it with some nuts or some seeds. So, you’re not just getting all that carbohydrate coming from those dates.

Greek Lemon Dressing

Next up, she’s making a homemade, Greek lemon dressing, with avocado and tomatoes. This looks, really good. But again. I’d just like to see a little bit more protein in there. So, in that Greek salad, could we have added up, uh, some maybe marinated tofu. So, what I’ll sometimes do, is make like a feta out of my tofu to add to a Greek salad. Or maybe add some chickpeas or something like that to pump up that salad a little bit and get that much more protein.

Cucumbers and Vegan Ranch

Next up, she’s making her cucumbers and vegan ranch. I don’t know if she made the ranch herself, or if she bought it from a store. But a lot of the store brands are just like really a lot of fat. But if you make your own ranch, and there’s so many different recipes, you can make it from cashews, you can make it from hemp seeds, you can use, um, soy milk. So, this way you can get a nice amount of protein. But again, this meal is a little lacking on the protein side.

Vegetable Stir Fry

And next up, she’s doing a vegetable stir fry. Um, it looks like a bunch of different vegetables. Which is fantastic. But again, girlie needs to add some protein in here. There are so many mock meat things that you could add into here. Like Gardein, for example, makes a nice little, uh, Asian chicken, uh, cutlet that you could throw into something like this. Where the flavors would pair really nicely. But I’d like to see her add a little bit more protein to this one.

Vegan No-Bake Cookies

And then next up. Oo… Vegan no-bake cookies. That’s my kind of baking. Haha One where it doesn’t need the oven. And I’ve seen so many different recipes for vegan no-bake. And a lot of times, these can also, um… You can use really nice ingredients for them. My one thing though, is that these can be a little too good at hiding sweeteners, like maple syrup. So, when you can, err on the side of using dried fruits or fresh fruits for your sweetening. Not just those liquid sweeteners.

All in all, her foods look delicious. She… I love the colors. The only thing I would say, is the balance is a little bit off with protein. But that would be an easy fix.

What People Think Vegans Eat vs. What Vegans Actually Eat

And next up, I’m going to be looking at what people think vegans eat. Okay. Let’s jump in.

Haha. Yes. True story. Ice cubes. Carrots. If there’s a plate of grass in this, then this has hit the trifecta.

But What Vegans Actually Eat. Exactly. And that’s the thing with plant based diets. Like, a lot of people think, oh my god, am I just going to have to eat vegetables and fruits. So, you know. Eating plant based. And no! There are so many amazing dishes. Meals.

And you know what’s funny. Before I went plant based. I was very… I didn’t really try a lot of different foods. I was very stuck. In my recipes, my restaurants, that sort of thing. But since going plant based. Is when I really broadened my horizons. And now I’m into all these different types of cuisines. Whether it’s Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian. That, you know, I really love now.

And I think this video is really cute, like, summarizing that. Let’s see. Yeah. A lot of amazing things. A lot of yummy things. No, I think this video is really funny. And an accurate description of what people think vegans eat, and what we actually eat.

Salad in a Box for Weight Loss

Okay, so next up. A dietitian reviews.

This looks like a lunch that was packed. Oh, it looks like a little salad in a bag. Haha! Oh my god. This was really funny. And, there’s a couple things here.

So, number one. I hope that he enjoyed his salad. But it looks like his goal here was weight loss. And it’s not that you just have to have a salad to lose weight. There are a lot of things. And a lot of yummy foods that you can eat. To help you with whatever your weight loss goals, or weight management goals are.

So, if he is just one that loves salad naturally, like, fantastic. But also, don’t feel like this is what you have to eat, in order to lose weight. If you need help with something like that. Definitely work with a Registered Dietitian. Because, you might be able to get away with eating like this, for like a week. But this is not sustainable for most people.

But yeah, this is really funny. But also, I think, a deeper message is, you don’t have to just eat salads to lose weight.

Thanks for Watching!

So, guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. Be gentle, with your comments. This was my first time reviewing TikToks. But, honestly, we’d love to hear what your feedback is.

If there’s anything you’d like to see me react to as a dietitian. Don’t hesitate to comment below. And until my next video, see you next time.


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