Matt P Grunewald, MBA RD CD CPT

I believe in taking a collaborative, non-diet approach to wellness focused around moderation. Food is a key part of life that should be enjoyed, and my goal is to help everyone find ways to achieve good health by adding to instead of restricting the foods and activities they like. Likewise, your experiences and preferences are unique, and I will work with you to develop a plan that keeps in mind all the things that make you, you.

Your experiences and preferences are unique


Matt focuses on providing the information and tools needed to develop long-term habits that contribute to good health. He emphasizes helping people control and manage chronic health conditions by incorporating food and physical activity strategies that look beyond weight and lab results and towards feeling good and having a positive outlook on their health.

Professional Qualifications

Matt is both a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, and has worked in outpatient, community health, long-term care, and corporate wellness settings. These diverse experiences have made him effective at working with people of all ages and at helping his patients identify areas of focus in all aspects of their lives: home, work, and social.

Personal Interests

Matt enjoys listening to and playing music, attending sporting events, reading, and outdoor activities. He also enjoys traveling, and has lived in 5 states.

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