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Achieve Lasting Results with Expert Dietitians in Smokey Point

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Discover the Power of the Sensibly Sprouted Approach

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Welcome to Sensibly Sprouted – Your Destination for Personalized Nutrition and Expert Guidance in Smokey Point

Discover a new level of well-being with our personalized nutrition plans designed specifically for your unique needs. At Sensibly Sprouted, we offer in-person and virtual consultations to ensure accessibility and convenience for all our patients.

Whether you’re looking to manage your weight, enhance your sports performance, or improve your overall health, our specialized dietitians are here to provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Our team is excited to meet you!

Medically Certified and HIPAA Secure
Board Certified Registered Dietitian and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, certified by Commission on Dietetic Registration
Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management, certified by Commission on Dietetic Registration
Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Certified
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One of the best decisions for my health was joining Sensibly Sprouted.
– Susanna K.

Why choose Sensibly Sprouted?

Achieve Optimal Health with Personalized Nutrition

Are you looking to improve your overall health, manage a specific health condition, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle? At Sensibly Sprouted, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals through customized nutrition and evidence-based expertise. Our team of registered dietitians specializes in a variety of health conditions, ensuring that you receive personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

Holistic Nutrition Counseling

We offer a wide range of comprehensive nutrition counseling to address various health concerns. Our team of experienced dietitians is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in managing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, weight management, and more. We believe in a holistic approach to nutrition, considering both your medical history and lifestyle factors to develop a personalized plan that supports your overall well-being.

Flexible and Convenient Appointments

We understand that your schedule may be demanding, which is why we offer evenings and weekends for both virtual and in-person sessions. Our virtual consultations provide the convenience of meeting with our Dietitians from the comfort of your own home, while our in-person appointments allow for face-to-face interaction. Whichever option you choose, our dedicated team is committed to delivering the same high level of care and expertise to help you achieve your health goals.

Accepted Insurance Providers

We strive to make our services accessible to as many individuals as possible. That’s why we accept a range of insurance providers, including Regence BlueShield, Premera Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna. If you have a different insurance provider, please reach out to our friendly staff, and we will work with you to determine your coverage options.

Expert Dietitians, Personalized Care

Our Nutritionists are certified Dietitians with specialized knowledge in various health conditions. They possess the expertise to develop tailored nutrition plans that take into account your specific dietary requirements, preferences, and goals. During your initial consultation, our Dietitian will conduct a thorough assessment of your health, lifestyle, and eating habits, allowing them to create a personalized nutrition plan that fits your unique needs.

Absolutely life changing experience for me!
– Michelle M.

Ongoing Support through our Food Logging App

We understand that achieving your health goals requires continuous support and guidance. That’s why our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end with your sessions. Our Dietitians provide ongoing support and follow-up to ensure your progress and address any challenges you may encounter along the way. And to make your journey even more seamless, we offer our intuitive food logging app as a valuable tool in your nutrition toolkit.

With our food logging app, you can easily take photos to track your meals, monitor your nutritional intake, and gain valuable insights into your eating habits. Whether you’re looking to manage portion sizes or simply gain a better understanding of your overall dietary patterns, our app empowers you to take control of your nutrition journey. You can conveniently log your meals, snacks, and beverages, and even set personal goals to help you stay on track.

Our Dietitians will integrate the data from the app into your follow-up appointments, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of your progress and offering tailored recommendations based on your specific needs. By combining our expert guidance with the convenience and insights provided by our food logging app, you’ll have the tools necessary to make informed choices and cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Take the first step toward improving your health and well-being. Schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated Dietitians today. You can easily get started by completing our online form or by contacting our office directly. Feel free to call us at (360) 230-8202 or text us at (360) 230-8332. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Compassionate, knowledgeable and changed my life for the better!
– Darcie D.


What services does Sensibly Sprouted offer?

Sensibly Sprouted offers a wide range of services to meet your nutritional needs. We provide both virtual and in-person sessions to accommodate your preferences. Our team of certified dietitians specializes in various health conditions, ensuring personalized care and tailored nutrition plans.

How can I schedule an appointment with a Dietitian?

Scheduling an appointment with one of our Dietitians is simple. You can either call our office directly or use our HIPAA-protected online form on our website. Choose virtual or in-person, and enter your insurance details if you would like us to verify your nutrition benefits.

Which insurance providers do you accept?

We accept a variety of insurance providers to ensure accessibility for our clients. Currently, we accept Regence BlueShield, Premera Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna. If you have a different insurance provider, please contact our office, and our staff will be happy to assist you in determining your coverage options.

How do virtual sessions work?

Our virtual sessions provide the convenience of meeting with our Dietitians from the comfort of your own home. We utilize a secure and easy to use video platform to conduct virtual sessions. Prior to your appointment, we will provide you with a link and instructions on how to access your virtual session. Rest assured, our Dietitians will provide the same level of expertise and individualized care during virtual appointments as they do during in-person visits.

What can I expect during my initial appointment?

During your initial appointment, our Dietitian will take the time to understand your unique health concerns, dietary preferences, and goals. They will review your medical history, current eating habits, and lifestyle factors that may impact your nutritional needs. Based on this information, they will develop a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Can your Dietitians help with specific health conditions?

Absolutely! Our dietitians are certified dietitians with expertise in a variety of health conditions. Whether you’re managing diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, or any other condition, our team can provide specialized guidance and support. We believe in a holistic approach to nutrition and will work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs.

How frequently will I need to see the Dietitian?

The frequency of your appointments will depend on your individual needs and goals. We recommend weekly follow-up sessions for the first 12 weeks to track your progress, address any challenges, and make adjustments to your nutrition plan as needed. After 12 weeks, your Dietitian will assess your progress and further personalize your nutrition plan with a frequency that suits your life and goals.

Can I contact my Dietitian between appointments?

Yes, we encourage open communication between appointments. Our Dietitians are available to answer brief questions or provide clarification via secure messaging in our food logging app. However, for more in-depth concerns or changes to your nutrition plan, we recommend waiting for your follow-up session to ensure proper attention and comprehensive support.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible. We have a cancellation policy in place, and our staff will assist you in finding a suitable alternative appointment time.

Is nutrition counseling covered by insurance?

Most insurance providers cover nutrition counseling. However, the specifics of coverage vary depending on your plan and individual policy. We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider or contacting our office to verify your coverage details. Our team can assist you in navigating insurance-related inquiries and provide you with the necessary information.

Everyone I interacted with on the Sensibly Sprouted team were very helpful even when dealing with technical issues during the first session. I had the pleasure of working with Colton, who not only understood and listened when I discussed my routines but gave incredibly valuable feedback. He shared his wealth of knowledge on dietary subjects and really helped answer my questions and taught me that this healthy lifestyle is sustainable with the creation of a good foundation and a little leeway to enjoy the little things in life. I would most definitely recommend Sensibly Sprouted and the wonderful Mr. Colton Barnes.
Megan H.
Megan H.
03:28 27 Oct 23
I was faced with having to change everything about my eating habits and diet. Nava Lavine is the dietitian assigned to me. Not only has she helped me learn a better way to eat, she has been intuitive and very informative. For the first time, I am looking forward to this permanent change in my dietary habits. And, surprisingly … I am enjoying the food. With these skills, I will live a healthier life. Thank you Nava for helping me navigate this journey and thank you Sensibly Sprounted!
Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S.
05:50 26 Jul 23
I look forward with enthusiasm to every Monday morning appointment with dietitian Colton Barnes. He is unjudgmental, resourceful, and quick-fingered in finding relevant information just for me. We’ve talked about a whole bunch of topics: balanced and mindful eating, fiber, anti-inflammatory nutrition, recipe building and meal planning.Sensibly Sprouted has an excellent platform: video appointments (I think they have in person appointments too) and two easy-to-use apps: Nourishly and Jane. Other fitness & calorie-counting apps can’t compare. I expect to see improvement when my lab work is done soon. I’m going to thank my doctor for recommending Sensibly Sprouted and one to Sensibly Sprouted for assigning me to Colton Barnes.
Linda L.
Linda L.
06:18 11 Jul 23
I have been so delighted with Kacey Roach. When my Dr. suggested Sensibly Sprouted, I was a little skeptical. Kacey listens and understands the food chemistry and the body reaction. We have ended up with a more varied diet in spite of my limited palette.I have been so pleased working with Kacey
Paul C.
Paul C.
22:30 23 Jun 23
Absolutely life changing experience for me! I have been greatly affected by long- covid, prosmia. After almost of year of starving, and suffering I decided to seek help. I still suffer from prosmia, but I'm maintaining my weight and have more options now of what I can eat. I'm beyond thankful, including healing my gut! Thanks so much for saving me!
Michelle M.
Michelle M.
22:03 17 Mar 23
I worked with Zella and found the support to be very helpful to work toward my health goals. The support included an app that helped track food and exercise to help identify patterns, check ins that included reflection and goal setting, and introduction to new recipes. I recommend if you are looking for support in achieving weight loss/ fitness/ health goals.
Mr T
Mr T
21:51 28 Dec 22
Kristen is amazing! She has helped me learn so much about nutrition and given me tools to tackle my issues with food choices. She's thorough, professional and wonderful!
Jeny H.
Jeny H.
23:25 02 Dec 22
I have nothing but the best things to say about my experience with Sensibly Sprouted! I got a referral to help with weight loss and hormone balance and have been seeing Miranda for the past 4 months.I have learned so much from Miranda, and I truly feel like I have gained skills I will carry for the rest of my life, thanks to her. She has a very calm and non judgmental way about her that really helped make me not only comfortable, but also look forward to my appointments! She has a very holistic approach, and I believe thats what I truely needed after years and years of struggle. If I had known how much something like this could help I would've done it way sooner.I've been recommending them to anyone and everyone, especially the people who are asking me " wow, you're looking great, what have you been doing?!"
Kelli B.
Kelli B.
06:59 18 Nov 22
I am so thankful to Sensibly Sprouted, especially the dietician Kristen C. .. She went above and beyond to help me with low blood glucose levels. She requested the right test from my PCP and discovered that I have gastroparesis and a few other issues. She was genuinely concerned, listened to my symptoms and gave great suggestions to change my eating habits.
Becky B.
Becky B.
02:36 17 Oct 22
Miranda is amazing! She is kind and not judgmental! Her approach to nutrition is all about balance. I appreciate everything she has done for my family and I.
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.
02:45 12 Oct 22
This was a fantastic experience! Like many, I have done various different “diets” and programs throughout the years with not much sustainable success or in understanding the “why” I was doing what I was doing. Going into this, It was important to me as a cool guy in his 40’s to create and build long term and sustainable habits. This was it! I loved it.The coaching and brain storming were extremely valuable and 100% helped me understand the “why” of how foods impacted my body and my particular personal factors. I enjoyed the goals and missions each week that helped me build and create those long term and sustainable habits for my overall long term health.Miranda is a rock star at sensibly sprouted! Thank you for all of your guidance and coaching.
Anthony S.
Anthony S.
14:53 11 Oct 22
I would like to share the wonderful experience I had with Miranda from Sensibly Sprouted. I had the pleasure to work with Miranda for four months. I had major surgery in August then developed a severe infection which caused me to lose 25 pounds. For health reasons my doctor wanted to me gain 15 pounds back. Miranda was fantastic as she worked with me to improve my diet while gaining proper healthy weight. My surgery resulted in the loss of certain types of food, but Miranda always had a plan that was successful. I most highly recommend Sensibly Sprouted for your nutritional needs, and in particular Miranda. Miranda is highly professional with great knowledge yet a warm, friendly personality that makes working with her a pleasure.
Scott K.
Scott K.
04:00 25 Apr 22
Amazing and helpful! I have been working with Sensibly Sprouted for about a year and I have felt constant support and education from my dietician. Through all my slip ups and worries, my dietician has been there to pick me up and encourage and push me as needed. I highly recommend sensibly sprouted!
David F.
David F.
16:48 31 Jan 22
Sensibly Sprouted and my Nutritionist Zella Wheeler changed my life! I started with many health issues and left with almost none. Each week Zella helped me make small manageable goals and it was amazing to see and enjoy my small successes along the way. I never felt judged or like I was a failure for even a moment, even if I didn't have a great week. My journey with her has changed my life for the better. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.
Maya P.
Maya P.
18:27 18 Dec 21
Jessica P.
Jessica P.
17:33 14 Dec 21
I’ve been seeing Kristen for about two months now and she has just been phenomenal. She is compassionate, understanding, and supportive. Her knowledge and execution of providing Dietary Education has put our family of 4 on a path of better nutrition and supporting our overall health. She takes an approach of small changes over time to make big changes and new habits. She has supported me without judgment and instead with encouragement and the reminder to be gentle with myself. I look forward to each of my appointments with her because she is just such a pleasure to have as part of my healthcare team.
Alyson C.
Alyson C.
20:40 10 Nov 21
Delighted by my progress with my Sensibly Sprouted counselor. I've struggled with weight all my life and was able to add lots of new tools to my tool belt to help me keep them weight off. Lost 8 # and plan to keep it off, eating more veggies and protein, less simpler carbs and sugar and keeping up exercise, which thankfully I love. Ty SS
Sirius B.
Sirius B.
17:13 05 Oct 21

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