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Olivia R Love, RDN CD

Hello, there! I’m Olivia, a Sensibly Sprouted dietitian. Whether life has just presented you with a new health concern, or you are looking to rekindle your relationship with food, or anywhere in between, I am here to help! There are many factors to consider when striving to live well, and they can understandably lead to frustration! Eating is something we are biologically required to do, so why not make it a positive experience? My goal is to provide you with tools to help you feel empowered in nourishing your body on a daily basis. Together, we will work to target your specific nutrition-related concerns by developing a plan that feels sustainable and supports you.


Olivia prioritizes bringing both balance and variety onto the plates of her clients. She is passionate about guiding individuals in identifying what the “missing pieces” of their unique puzzles of wellbeing might be. Olivia especially enjoys helping others achieve blood sugar stabilization, as well as manage a multitude of other health conditions.

Professional Qualifications

Olivia obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Central Washington University. Since becoming a Registered Dietitian in 2018, Olivia has worked in community hospitals, cancer institutes, wellness centers, and diabetes education programs. She has also taught many cooking classes and enjoyed working at a few farmer’s markets in the greater Seattle area. 

Personal Interests

Olivia adores spending time with her family and friends outside, whether it be camping, backpacking or biking around. Some of her other favorite activities include (but are not limited to) cooking, painting, going to concerts, continuing her never-ending search for the world’s flakiest croissant, and playing with her new puppy.