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Michelle B Smith, MS RDN CD

Are you tired of feeling frustrated when it comes to your health? Are you overwhelmed with all of the changes you feel like you need to make?

I get it. In the past, I struggled with my weight and was unhappy with how I looked and felt. Tired of the extra weight, I decided I needed to change. I counted my calories and obsessed over my food, but I couldn’t get rid of those extra pounds. What was I doing wrong?

Finally, I decided to listen to my body. I found that some foods made me feel bloated and tired, while others gave me energy. Choosing the right foods was more impactful than counting calories. For the first time, I was living!

Are you ready for change?

We know it can be hard, but with the right support, it doesn’t have to be. At Sensibly Sprouted we’ll create a program just for you. During our work, we won’t just focus on your food, but also the habits that’ll lead to lasting success. We’ll also dive into exercise, stress relief, sleep support and how to master a healthy mindset!


Michelle has a passion for plant based nutrition, helping people lose weight (for good!), and reversing life-threatening chronic diseases. Michelle is an expert in motivational coaching, corporate wellness, executive coaching, and behavioral modification in strong-willed alphas (just ask her husband!).

Professional Qualifications

Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Florida International University in Miami. Michelle was also valedictorian for her graduating class.

Michelle is a certified Life Coach, former professor of dietetics, and conducts training programs for dietitians in motivational coaching.

Personal Interests

Michelle is an avid gamer, tennis player, wife, animal lover, and mother. In her spare time, Michelle loves to garden, cook, discover new restaurants, and laugh with friends and family. Her vices include reality tv shows, video games, TMZ, reading James Rollins thrillers, and keeping up with plant based nutrition research by Dr. Michael Greger.