All of our dietitians receive extra training in motivational coaching, enabling them to apply non-diet, highly individualized medical nutrition therapy!

Our practice philosophy is to help our patients achieve lifelong results through in-depth lifestyle analysis and behavioral modification, affecting not just the symptoms of the problem but the root cause.

We have a whole foods focus and ask our patients to start low and go slow.

New patients are placed with their dietitian based upon availability, personality, specialization and goals. Because obesity is the root cause of so many underlying conditions, all of our dietitians specialize in weight loss, weight management, and lifestyle changes.

Are you ready to get to know our dietitians? Meet them below!

Michelle B Smith, MS RDN CD

Specialties: Weight Loss, Plant Based Nutrition, and Corporate Wellness

Hi! My name is Michelle. And I’m the owner and Lead Dietitian at Sensibly Sprouted. We’re a nutrition practice where we have a passion for helping our patients.

Whether you’re looking for help achieving your healthy weight, reversing a chronic disease or simply finding the right foods for you – we’d love to help you on your wellness journey. Hopefully talk to you soon.

Alex L Cress

Specialties: Weight Management, Cancer, and Reversal of Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes

Hi! I’m Alex with Sensibly Sprouted. I’m one of the dietitians. My goal is for my patients to optimize food and nutrition in order to reduce their risk of chronic disease and prevent it.

I would love to work with you, so please feel free to reach out and you can get started.

Sensibly Sprouted dietitian Laura C Johnson

Laura C Johnson

Specialties: Weight Management, Pediatric Nutrition, and Sports Nutrition

Hi! I’m Laura. I’m a dietitian here at Sensibly Sprouted. And I’m here to help you achieve your health goals, no matter what they are.

Whether you’re an individual or a family just looking for some extra guidance – I’m here to help and I’d love to talk to you soon.

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